West Midlands Leisure Ltd Shoot-Out Challenge

On Tuesday 25th February 2020 (7.30pm) at the Skydome Arena we will celebrate Ross Venus’ ten years with the Coventry Blaze by holding a testimonial evening.

The night will begin with Danny Stewart’s chosen side, taking on James Pease’s select in two periods of 20 minutes. The teams to be coached by Paul Thompson and Keeno will be chosen the night before at a draft pick event (find out more).

Afterwards, both teams will compete in the West Midlands Leisure Ltd shoot-out challenge. This fun shoot-out inspired by what the Blaze do during a Friday training session.

There will be one team at each end of the ice. Every player in each team will take a penalty shot, in a quick rotation. If a player scores, they get to stand aside in relief as the non-scorers join the queue to shoot again.

The game continues until there is one player left (for each team) who hasn’t scored.

The two losers will be subject to a forfeit, either getting egged or an ice bucket dumped over their head by sponsors West Midlands Leisure Ltd.

We, and Ross say a massive thanks to Sam and Pete from West Midlands Leisure Ltd for their support and we look forward to welcoming them and friends to their SkySuite on the night of the game.

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