Teams Confirmed

The two teams for the Ross Venus Testimonial were selected by Team Captain’s Danny Stewart (Blue) and James Pease (White) at a fantastic draft pick event at The Golden Cross. The teams are as follows for the testimonial game starting at 7.30pm on Tuesday 25th February.

No: Player 
Jordan Hedley 
Greg Owen 
10 Evan Bloodoff 
11 Matt Pohlkamp 
14 Alex Forbes 
18 Dillon Lawrence 
19 Luke Ferrara 
20 Dillon Eichstadt 
21 Chris Pohlkamp 
21 Ashley Tait 
22 Justin Hamonic 
28 Justin Hache 
30 CJ Motte 
39 Danny Stewart ‘C’ 
59 Ross Venus 
61 Andrew Johnston 
77 Matty Soderstrom 
88 Charles Corcoran 
HC Paul Thompson 
No: Player 
Adam Goss 
Ben Davies 
Matt Selby 
Joe Henry 
Oliver Lord 
Ben Lake 
15 David Broll 
15 James Griffin 
17 Russ Cowley 
19 Aaron Nell 
22 Ryan O’Marra 
22 James Pease ‘C’ 
28 Steven Chalmers 
38 Stuart Taylor 
41 Johnny Curran 
44 Drew Schiestel 
58 David Clements 
59 Ross Venus 
62 Janne Laakkonen 
74 Liam Stewart 
HC Keeno 

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